Welcome to the UmpireBible

The UmpireBible is the premier website for new and developing umpires of amateur baseball, as well as for players, coaches, and fans who want to enhance their command of the rules of baseball. 

Our mission: provide a dynamic platform for exploring and learning the rules of baseball, and to provide an introduction to the basics of umpire mechanics. And a bit more, too.

The site features seven main sections where you'll find informative articles, plus rules references at every step of the way:


We also have special collections of valuable umpire resources:

  • Official Baseball Rules (OBR). We have the entire Major League rule book (OBR) online. Additionally, we have links to every rules references embedded in all of our articles.
  • High School Rules (NFHS/FED). We have the entire NFHS rule book online.
  • OBR-FED Rules Differences. A comprehensive listing of the rules differences between the Official (OBR) rule set and the NFHS/FED high school rule set.
  • Index to the Official Rules. A comprehensive index listing baseball terms, rules, and topics with links to the appropriate OBR rules. Ours is the best rules index out there, and far more comprehensive that the index in the OBR rule book..
  • The UmpireBible Blog. Brief essays and discussions about various aspect of baseball, umpiring, and assorted related topics. We like to say, "it's where we make the sausage."


And a lot more. So welcome to the UmpireBible.