Defensive conferences (visits)

OBR: 5.10 FED: 3-4-1

One visit per pitcher per inning. Second visit in an inning requires removing pitcher. A visit to remove a pitcher or attend to injured player is not a charged visit.

Three conferences per regulation game (no limit per pitcher); on forth visit, pitcher must be removed. One visit per inning in extra innings, but no roll-over.

Visit to replace a pitcher is not a charged visit. Time out to attend to injured player is not a charged visit.

When is a defensive visit concluded

OBR: 5.10(l)

A defensive conference ends when the manager or coach has left the 18' circle (pitching mound).

FED: 3-4-3

A defensive conference ends when the coach crosses the foul line returning to the dugout; if conference is held in foul territory, it concludes when the coach first starts back toward dugout.

Offensive conferences

OBR: n/a FED: 3-4-2

No rule.

One offensive conference per inning.

Base coaches

OBR: 5.03 FED: 3-2-1

Two base coaches; must be in uniform; must remain in coach's box; may not argue with umpire.

Either a player or coach may occupy each coach's box; must be in uniform; anyone on the team in uniform (and not ejected) may be a base coach

Disciplinary actions against coaches

OBR: 8.01(d) FED: 3-3-1 Penalty

No provision for warnings; ejection for egregious action on part of coach, player, etc.

Three-tier system: verbal warning, written warning (coach restricted to bench) and then ejection. Teams may be subject to bench warning; players subject to immediate ejection.