Legal/Illegal slide; force-play slide rule

OBR: 6.01(j) FED: 2-32-1, 2

Begin slide before reaching base. Must attempt to reach base with hand or foot, and remain on base (no slide through to contact). No alteration of pathway for the purpose of contacting fielder

Must slide within reach of base with hand or foot, but not in a path toward the defender (except straight in). No rolling or pop-up slides into fielder; no slide through the base to contact defender (except at home). No raised leg above defender's knee; no slashing or kicking; no malicious contact with fieder. On force play, must slide in direct line between bases.

Must slide or attempt to avoid

OBR: 6.01(j) FED: 8-4-2-b through g

No requirement to slide, but if sliding, must be a legal slide.

No requirement to slide, but runner must execute a legal slide, or otherwise attempt to avoid contact with a defender or otherwise altering the play of the defender. On force play, may be two outs on a violation.

Collisions with defender / malicious contact

OBR: 6.01(i) FED: 2-21-1-b, 3-3-1-b

Runner may not deviate from pathway to initiate contact; if malicious, runner out and may be ejected; ball dead at moment of contact, runners return

It is interference, dead ball, runner out; if egregious, may eject player.

Courtesy runner

OBR: no rule FED: 2-23-1

Not permitted.

Allowed at any time for pitcher or catcher. Runner is tied to player he runs for; a given runner may not run for both pitcher and catcher. Anyone who's been in the game may not be a runner; runner may not be sub in same inning in which he courtesy runs.

Diving over defender

OBR: No rule. FED: 8-4-2-d, CB 3-3-1-g, CB 8-4-2-T, U, D, W

No restriction.

Runner is out if he dives over a defender who is standing or kneeling, but ball remains live. However, if a defender is laying flat on the ground, runner may jump/leap/hurdle the defender.

Running lane interference

OBR: 5.09(a)(11) FED: 8-3-3-d

Interference in the running lane requires a catchable throw, such that he "interferes with the fielder taking the throw at first base."

Interference in the running lane invoked with any throw to retire runner who violates running lane, regardless of the quality of the throw. In effect, runner is interfering with fielders opportunity to make the play.

Walk-off scoring

OBR: 5.08 FED: 9-1-1 Note 2

Game ends when runner advancing from third has touched home, and the batter-runner has touched first base.

All runners, including batter-runner, must touch the base to which they are advancing, or to which they are forced to advance.