Actions allowed from windup position

OBR: 6.02(a), 5.07(a)(1) FED: 6-1-2

The pitcher is allowed three actions from the windup:

  • Deliver pitch to batter
  • Step and throw to a base to attempt a pickoff
  • Disengage the rubber

The pitcher is allowed two actions from the windup:

  • Deliver pitch to batter
  • Disengage the rubber


OBR: 6.02(a) FED: 5-1-1-k

Delayed dead ball. If all runners and batter-runner advance at least one base, ignore the balk. Otherwise, call time and advance all runners one base.

Immediate dead ball. If the ball is put in play on the pitch, kill the play. Award all runners one base.

Illegal pitch (no runners on)

OBR: 6.02(b) FED: 6-1-3 Penalty

A ball to the batter (unless batter reaches base on the pitch). Live ball award. With runners on base, a balk.

Immediate dead ball. If runners on base, it's a balk; otherwise, ball to the batter.

Pitch count limits and rest requirements

OBR: No rule or restrictions. FED: 6-1-6

No restrictions.

To be governed by state associations.

Feint to third base / 3-1 move

OBR: 6.02 FED: No explicit rule

Not allowed. Balk.

The 3-1 move is allowed, as is a simple feint to 3rd.

Time limit to deliver pitch

OBR: 5.07 FED: 6-2-2-c

With no runners on base, must deliver the ball within 12 seconds of receiving it.

With our without runners on base, must deliver the pitch, attempt a play (e.g., pickoff attempt), or feint within 20 seconds of receiving the ball.